Disc Type Machine price Product Introduction Are you struggling to find the right product? Believe me, Double Blade Granite Cutting Machine will definitely make a difference to you. This product has an original lubrication system, thus effectively extending the service life and utilisation rate and reducing maintenance time and costs. It is a mining quarry machine with significantly improved overall efficiency. Secondly, we are also equipped with super jumbo diamond saw blades, which can be used to process super large rocks and blocks to improve the mine yield and make full use of mineral resources. Finally, our product also has the feature of high capacity to increase productivity. Feature聽 This Double Blade Granite Cutting Machine is controlled by two sets of frequency converters and apply the principle of constant tension control, which automatically adjusts the movement speed of the machine according to changes in cutting force, ensuring that the diamond wire saw is always in optimum cutting condition. Secondly, the control platform displays real-time parameters such as the set current of the main motor, the current and speed of the main motor, etc. Finally, it also has features such as regular forming, precise geometry control and no over-excavation. Product Specification Application CETIFICATION WORKSHOPDisc Type Machine price website:http://www.hiendemachinery.com..../mining-machine/disc