What is a throw-in bet? Types of odds & When should you play? (Update 2024)

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A throw-in occurs when the ball goes out of bounds on the sides of the field, and it is a method to restart the match. The team not responsible for the ball going out will perform the throw-in from the side (where the ball went out).

What is the throw-in bet?

Throw-in betting, also known as throw-in betting, is a supplementary form of football betting.

A throw-in occurs when the ball goes out of bounds on the sides of the field, and it is a method to restart the match. The team not responsible for the ball going out will perform the throw-in from the side (where the ball went out). In the case of a throw-in, a goal is considered valid only when the ball makes contact with the foot of at least one other player on the field. There is hardly a football match without a throw-in situation. The throw-in is also a way to change the odds or interrupt the opponent's challenging attack.

Determining the outcome of this bet is based on the total number of throw-ins that the home or away team receives in a match. In throw-in betting, there are various forms of bets that add excitement to participating in sports betting. Read more: Top 10 best app for football prediction Worldwide for 2024

When should you play the throw-in bet?

Players can choose to bet on throw-ins at any time. In general, this is one of the simple side bets with high tip win odds that players can use to improve their betting results if they happen to lose previous bets.

Currently, throw-in betting is becoming more popular. Specifically, in this type of bet, players can choose to bet in three forms: betting on the first throw-in, handicap throw-in betting, over/under throw-in betting, and so on.

The most popular types of throw-in bets that many players prefer

Handicap throw-in bet

This is considered one of the most popular Asian handicap bets based on the actual number of throw-ins and the rules of the two teams. The team with more throw-ins and higher odds is considered the winning team. In the 90 minutes of the match, if the statistics of the throw-in odds for both teams are equal, the final result will be determined based on the handicap bet. This can result in three cases: winning half the bet, winning the full bet, or a draw.

For example: There are two teams, A and B. Team A is considered stronger and gives a half-left handicap to Team B. After 90 minutes of play, if the number of throw-ins for Team A is greater than Team B, then Team A is the winning team. However, if the number of throw-ins for Team B is equal to or greater than Team A, considering the half-left handicap, Team B is the winning team.

Over/Under throw-in bet

The Over/Under throw-in bet is similar to the corner kick and free kick bets, and it is a relatively simple and straightforward type of bet. The gameplay is as follows: players just need to choose and place their bets on the odds provided by the bookmaker. If the number of throw-ins is greater than the quantity set by the bookmaker, it is called Over (Tài); conversely, if the number of throw-ins is less, it is called Under (Xỉu). In the event of a draw, the bookmaker will refund the entire bet to the player.

For example: Let's consider two teams, A and B. After analysis, the bookmaker sets the quantity for Team A at 10 throw-ins. If, after 90 minutes of play, the number of throw-ins exceeds 10, those who chose Over will win. Conversely, if the number of throw-ins is less than 10, those who chose Under will emerge victorious.

First throw-in result bet

As the name suggests, in this type of bet, players’s sure home win prediction which team will win the first throw-in in the match. Bettors will place their bets on the odds provided by the bookmaker for the home and away teams, and then await the results.

Some notes for players to remember when participating in throw-in bets

When choosing a throw-in bet, players need to take note of the following points:

Timing for throw-in bets:

For the first throw-in bet, the time is calculated until the referee blows the whistle to end the official 90 minutes of play. This bet expires when either team wins the right to the first throw-in. If, after the conclusion of the 90 minutes, there have been no throw-in situations throughout the match, it is considered a draw (rarely occurs).

For over/under throw-in bets, the time is calculated for the first half, second half, and the entire match.

Similarly, for handicap throw-in bets, the timing is calculated as in over/under bets.

Throw-in situations considered in this bet:

Throw-ins occurring within the official 90 minutes of play are deemed valid. If they happen beyond this time frame, they will not be counted.

Incorrect throw-ins or throw-ins retaken are still considered in this betting category.

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Effective strategies for playing throw-in bets

Throw-in bets have relatively lower winning odds compared to some main bets and other side bets. Therefore, you should approach this type of bet with a relaxed mindset, using it for entertainment, and consider it as a reference before engaging in more significant bets. Here are some experiences from seasoned players that may help you secure easier victories:

  • Before participating in any bet, choose a reputable bookmaker to avoid risks and unnecessary loss of money.

  • Preferably select major tournaments and strong teams to enhance the chances of successful betting.

  • Another crucial aspect is to understand and grasp the playing style of the teams involved, as it significantly influences the match outcome.

  • Opt for strong teams, as they are more likely to control the game and have higher throw-in rates and victory rates. However, it's important to note that a strong team doesn't always guarantee a win, so thorough research on the capabilities of the teams is necessary.

  • The significance of the match ranking is another decisive factor in throw-in bets. If a team is competing for the championship, aiming to move up in the rankings, or facing relegation, the competitive nature of the match will increase, and both teams will play with more determination and intensity.

Above is the most detailed information about throw-in bets. While throw-in bets are considered side bets, they can still be quite interesting. The article has shared knowledge related to this type of bet and provided some experiences to help you improve your winning odds. Hopefully, the insights from wintip will be beneficial for you in gaining valuable rewards. Wishing you luck and wonderful moments of experience.