Jewellery trends to follow for a fabulous 2024!

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With the New Year comes a new set of trends and innovations in the fashion sphere. Staying updated on these trends can guarantee you stay glamorous while adorning pieces that are in vogue.

From specific jewellery styles to uniquely designed statement pieces, these are the trends to look out for in 2024!

Geometric Designsy

Geometric designs across necklaces, pendants , earrings and rings are slated to trend in 2024! These pieces combine minimalism with sophistication to create an eye-catching, elegant, timeless look.

Asymmetric Designs

As the name suggests, asymmetrical designs break symmetry in crafty ways to create a mesmerising look. These pieces find perfection in what is conventionally considered imperfect to create a classy, elevated look perfect for the bold of heart!

Necklace Trends

Necklaces in 2024 will shine in three ways: Layers, Chains and Chokers.

Layering multiple necklaces of varying widths has been a trendy choice for the fashion-forward, with it showing absolutely no signs of slowing down in popularity in the coming year. As we've covered in our previous guides, focus on the statement piece of the layer and then layer around it to create the best look!

Chain necklaces have always been regulars of a well-thought-out jewellery box. Now, these dainty classics can take centre stage whether you use them as your daily wear staple or pair them with a gaudy pendant to make a statement piece.

Chokers with a shimmer are guaranteed to be a mainstay in 2024! So feel free to adorn contemporary and traditional chokers based on your attire and occasion.

Earring Trends

Regarding earrings, the two styles that will rule 2024 are Chandelier Earrings and Hoops!

Each of these brings a unique twist to your outfit; we recommend picking the one that best suits your style. Mix up the metal colour and finish when opting for chandelier earrings as you choose more avant-garde pieces. Hoop earrings in 2024 will be diamond-studded wonders that will leave you dazzling in the spotlight.

We wish you a fabulous New Year! Put your best foot forward as you look stunning in 2024!


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