Speed and Thrills: Go-Karting at HopUp

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Feel the surge of going karts in HopUp and even experience the adventure of Chandigarh. The ultra-modern go-karting track, designed for racers ranging from the youngest competitors to seasoned professionals, provides a thrill for all. For karting masters, and even novices, who wants to hav


The sports zone at Chandigarh Street Shopping Mall through HopUp, which features a trampoline park and a bowling alley, also provides an amazing go-karting track that offers an unrivaled racing experience. Leo Powell leaves behind the ordinary in his novel and pulls in the highly entertaining, fast-paced go-kart ride on the track, where you can feel your adrenaline pumping the entire time.

The Thrill of Go-Karting at HopUp :

Looking to get an actual feel of racing, HopUp's go-karting in Chandigarh  is carefully planned to provide the user with the experience that they have always wanted. On the track, there are sharp turns, hairpin bends and long straights, which a professional driver can feel the heat while engaging in different displays of talent on the track. Not just to compete with your friends or race for the fastest lap times, you will be thrilled by what the HopUp racing track offers is simple - an immensely thrilling experience you will not want to let go.

Safety First at HopUp :

First of all, at our organization we put safety on the top of the list of our priorities. The go-kart track is provided with a return cushion and safety clothes to offer the racers' equal protection. The safety of our visitors is our utmost priority. Hence, our staff is trained to monitor the rules of safety and help whenever needed, so that we ensure that your go-karting ride is an equally enjoyable and thrilling one.

Go Karting in Chandigarh:

Besides forming an individual racer's track, HopUp's go-car which is a track itself is also a popular selection for parties and events. Karting is an option for most occasions, customers celebrating their birthdays, or team building activities at HopUp.


HopUp in Chandigarh is a complex of trampolines in addition to bowling alley which is in fact an all-in-one entertainment destination that provides great leisure possibilities for every member of the family. You can have the time of your life here regardless of your age as a result of trampoline scoring your bowling strikes or racing competition in go-cart races. It's all an unforgettable experience that HopUp promises for all visitors. So, why wait? Be the sporty person you want to be today by visiting us at HopUp in Chandigarh. Push your limits as you drive our unmatched go-karts on our compact but exquisite track.


Q: Is HopUp’s go-kart drive age-restricted and what is the minimum height for drivers?

A: At HopUp, you must be at least 8 years old to cart-kart and you must be at least 48 inches tall to meet the height requirement.

Q: Whether I should wear any special clothing or would need certain equipment for go-karting at HopUp is the question?

A: You should wear comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes during your good times go-karting at HopUp. The arena will be equipped with helmets and protective gear.

Q: Do me able to bring my own go-kart to use it at HopUp?

A: No, home-based go-kart operations are not permitted on the trackway of HopUp. A very notable motion that this what track consist of go-karts can be mentioned.