What Is a Hair Graft? - 1 Graft Equals How Many Hair?

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When learning about hair transplants, there are some technical details that you will come across.

One of the topics about which many lingering questions are there is hair graft. This blog explains hair graft in detail by answering the most asked questions on hair graft. Keep reading to learn more about hair grafts with Dr. Urvashi Chandra, a famous hair transplant surgeon who provides Best Hair Transplant in Delhi.

What is a hair graft?

A hair graft is one follicular unit. A single follicular unit or hair graft comprises multiple hair follicles. Hair grafts play a significant part in hair transplant surgery.

In earlier times, back in the 19th century, hair restoration was done by grafting scalp flaps on the areas of hair loss. Scalp flaps refer to the band of tissues with attached original blood supply. Later, modern hair transplant techniques came up that used individual hair grafts. To date, permanent, natural hair restoration is achieved only by performing hair transplantation using individual hair grafts.

What is the importance of hair grafts in hair transplantation?

For being a good candidate for a hair transplant, the most important criterion that must be met is the availability of enough, healthy hair grafts. The success of hair transplant surgery depends upon the number and health of hair grafts available in the donor area. By health of a hair graft, means a hair graft containing a minimum of one healthy hair follicle having good viability. In simple terms, a healthy hair graft is a follicular unit that can grow healthy, new hair after a hair transplant. Based on the number of grafts FUT and FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi is decided by the doctor.

How many hairs come in a single hair graft?

1 graft equals how many hairs is a conclusive factor in the procedure of hair transplantation. There is no definite number of hair follicles in every single hair graft. Per graft, there are groups of hair in 1 to 6. So, on average, it is typically said that a single hair graft contains 2 hairs (specifically 1.8 to 2.2 hair).

Keeping the average calculation of the number of hairs in one hair graft in mind, one can now calculate the number of hair contained within the given number of hair grafts:

  • 4000 hair grafts (roughly 7200-8800 hair)
  • 3000 hair grafts (roughly 5400-6600 hair)
  • 2000 hair grafts (roughly 1600-4400 hair)- This many numbers of hair grafts are enough to transplant hair in the early stages of hair loss.
  • 1500 hair grafts (roughly 2700-3300 hairs- This large number of hair grafts is often recommended for hairline densification or facial hair transplant.
  • 1000 hair grafts (roughly 1800-2200 hair).

How many hair grafts does a hair loss patient have for a hair transplant?

The number depends upon certain factors like the genetics of the patient and the quality of hair. Although the number varies from one patient to another, on average there are around 6000-8000 hair grafts found on the donor site of hair loss patients that can be used for hair transplant.

How many hair grafts can be transplanted?

The number of hair grafts that can be transplanted depends upon the donor site’s capacity and condition. Generally, up to 8000 hair grafts can be transplanted for a hair loss patient. However, if the extent of hair loss is greater, multiple sessions would be required to implant the hair grafts at the recipient site(s). You can get more details with Dr. Urvashi Chandra on how to get optimal results with Best Hair Transplant in Delhi.

How many hair grafts are required to achieve a fuller head of hair?

This depends upon the severity of hair loss or grade of pattern baldness. One can get a fair idea of how many hair grafts will be required by using the Norwood scale that classifies hair loss into stages. During consultation with a hair transplant surgeon, one can find out what stage of hair loss one is experiencing and so how many hair grafts will be required to fully restore hair.

Here is a list of the number of grafts needed as per different stages of hair loss on the Norwood scale:

Stages Number of hair grafts
1 0-1000
2 1000-1500
3 1500-2000
3 vertex 2000-3000
4 3000-3500
5 3500-4500
6 4500-6000
7 7000 +

In a single session, how many hair grafts can be implanted at the recipient site?

A limited number of hair grafts can probably be transplanted in one treatment session to ensure the viability of hair grafts, optimal results, and the patient’s safety. Although, as many grafts can be transplanted in a single session it is not recommended to implant more than 5000 hair grafts at the recipient site. For treating severe baldness, multiple sessions provide superior quality results.

How many hair grafts survive after a hair transplant done over multiple sessions?

The success of hair transplants is greatly impacted by the viability of the transplanted hair grafts. Generally, the survivability chances of hair grafts when implanted over multiple sessions is around 90-95%, when highly experienced hair transplant providers perform quality hair transplant surgery.

For the FUE procedure, the cost per graft will range from Rs. 40-60, and for FUT Per Graft will range from Rs. 30-50. So the cost will vary based on technique and range from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 2,40,000. For more details on hair transplant surgery benefits and FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi, visit the expert hair transplant surgeons at Chandra Clinic.