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Manek Ratna is mainly focused on traditional indian jewellery which are look alike to real gold/diamond jewellery. We supply imitation / artificial jewellery from Mumbai.

Jewelry is a unique part of fashion and it illustrates the tastes of the particular time offering an insight into the lifestyle of these bygone ages. Antique Jewelry has always being created using both imagination and personal choice but the actual use of an item also plays a big part in the design. Antique Jewelry was often designed and made by monks in the monasteries, who developed their skills to become skilled craftsmen. Antique Jewelry is becoming an incredibly popular option with shoppers today, whether they are looking for the perfect engagement ring or some stylish antique earrings to wear to a social occasion - antique kemp jewellery.

Since ornaments have become a daily affair nowadays, people have shifted towards lightweight or dainty accessories. Ornaments under two grams are considered fairly lightweight. Head over to the weight range section under more filters and select the weight of the accessory you would like to buy. You will find plenty of designs of rings, earrings, pendants, nose pins, bands, bracelets, chains, etc. We offer each small and large scale production, alongside a complete design service; serving to you to begin your jewelry model or develop your present product range. Our jewelry manufacturers, specializing in the design and manufacturing of prime quality, custom items - online shopping for antique jewellery.

We offer unique Artificial Jewelry and imitation Jewelry designs online at finest prices. Kemp jewels have gotten extremely needed within the fashionable world due to their time- worn looks, state-of-the-artwork workmanship. A pair of earrings has the power to elevate your entire outfit to dizzying heights of true blue sartorial success- it can literally make or break your outfit. Our latest Jewelry and their designs are not just stunning but also available at affordable prices. For us quality is the main consideration not to just attract the new customers but also to retain our high reputation in market.

You can buy stylish earrings and fancy Jewelry like necklaces and finger rings too. Create a boho-chic look with one of our neckpieces and complete it with a bracelet. You can also confide in round earrings which are perfect for flaunting every once in a while. You can always mix and match with earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  We offer the newest trends in fashion Jewelry to deliver extra versatility to your wardrobe thereby making it good for both the standard and the contemporary women. We provide exclusive artificial and imitation Jewelry designs online at greatest prices. Gold, silver, stones, gems, and so forth are the defining elements of. For more information, please visit our site