How to Treat Wastewater and Handle It Properly

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Wastewater is water that is no longer used as a result of household activities, industry, or other public places, which contains substances that are harmful to humans and the environment. Therefore, wastewater treatment must receive serious attention for the creation of environmental healt

How to waste water treatmen Indonesia properly? This needs to be considered in order to avoid health problems and environmental damage due to waste.

Wastewater Generating Source

Before discussing further about how to treat and handle wastewater, the first thing to know is the source. There are several sources of liquid waste, including:


Every day, every household produces a lot of waste, either in the form of water, air, or solid waste from daily activities. Domestic water waste can be divided into two types, namely gray water and waste from the water closet (WC). Gray water is water used for kitchen, bathing, or washing activities.


Another type of wastewater based on its source is industrial wastewater. Waste originating from industrial activities can be harmful to humans and the environment because of the substances contained in it.

Industry usually uses water for several purposes. One of them, as cooling water, is to transfer heat due to industrial processes. Another use is to wash or rinse products or installations that will and have been used.

Public places

Other waste generators are places used by many people, such as offices, trade, places of worship, restaurants, and hotels. Usually, the type of wastewater produced is the same as the waste from household activities.

Know the Characteristics of Wastewater

All waste water from activities in households, industries, and public places is usually no longer used. So that wastewater does not damage the environment, it is necessary to carry out proper treatment according to its characteristics.

In general, wastewater can be identified based on its physical, chemical, and bacteriological characteristics. Physically, wastewater is usually dark in color and has a slight odor. It is mostly water, but can also be mixed with solids and suspensions.

If you look at its chemical characteristics, wastewater has a mixture of inorganic chemicals and organic substances. The nature of wastewater when it comes out of the source is alkaline, but after a while it will become acidic. This is due to the decomposition process of the organic matter. When wastewater turns acidic, an unpleasant odor will be smelled.

From the bacteriological characteristics, wastewater usually contains microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and protozoa that have a role in the decomposition process. The type of pathogenic bacteria commonly found in wastewater is the coli group.

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