Not every girl will be able to work in escort services. We understand the nuances of the profession

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Many mistakenly think that an escort is the provision of intimate services, akin to prostitution, but no, the services provided by escort girls are fundamentally different from intimate ones.

Few people know that not every girl will be able to work in escort services, because for quality work it is necessary to have not only a pleasant appearance, but also intelligence, education, the ability to maintain a relaxed conversation and many other high-class qualities. What? Let's figure out how to become an escort.

Who is this service for?
So, first, let's decide who the escort service itself is designed for. As a rule, these are rich people who own a business and solve many problems every day. Business meetings, contracts, multitasking - the constant cycle of such a life is tiring and of course you want to relax, relax in an easy, relaxed atmosphere, in a pleasant company.

Many single men prefer to go to business meetings, vacations with friends, hunting, inviting beautiful girls with them who know how to behave in a decent company, do not say too much, skillfully support a casual conversation. If a girl has proven herself on the positive side, then she has regular customers, and this is a demand and good earnings.

Main Requirements
Basic requirements from agencies for escort girls:
good figure (going to the gym is required);
pleasant, memorable appearance;
well-groomed hair, nails, skin (regular visits to a beauty salon are a must;
the ability to express one's thoughts well

By the way, many girls - escorts know foreign languages, and perfectly combine this skill in the work of escort, if necessary. It is noteworthy that the more useful skills a girl has, the higher her payment will be.

Useful qualities
In addition, a girl who wants to work in an escort service must have a good sense of humor, a sense of style, the ability to conduct small talk, be balanced and morally stable, because tactfully keeping silent if necessary is better than arguing with a man who pays for what to have a good time with her.

Sociability, lightness, friendliness are the main assistants of candidates for the vacancy of an escort, in addition to a beautiful appearance. The skills to quickly make yourself a make-up and hairstyle will not interfere, if necessary, in order to always look your best.

Working as an escort is not just an escort, it is a constant growth and self-development, acquiring new skills and interesting acquaintances for self-realization.

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