Legend of the ring

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This is easy to understand, let others think that these places of conflict is just a simple battle for the territory of five pirates, this is a very common situation that happens every day, there is nothing to pay attention to,fine bubble diffuser, the old routine, not new, perhaps the sur

As for the formation of this "confrontation" situation, it was deliberately created by Simmons and Simmons. This is the effect they wanted. Because of this, the relationship between the two countries looks "extremely tense". This has spread to all parts of the galaxy through the mouth of many businesses. It is also the reason why the relationship between the two sides has been cleared up. Look, the relationship is so tense. How could there be any relationship. Solomon was fully aware of the way the two countries had handled the matter, and he praised it highly. He had contributed to keeping the secret, and the two countries had gained some advantages for it. Solomon also sent several imperial envoys to mediate, and the play became more and more real. Lorry was able to come in one day because he happened to be at the fourth passage, which he did six or seven times a year. Nearly a month each time, which means he stays there for half a year. This kind of personal appearance, let him win the support of the whole people of Wylie, is really unintentional, but who knows that he is a member of the army who transfers materials to smuggle and form cliques to red. Your Majesty, in the more than half a year since Minister Baku left Xuanwu, a lot of things have happened in the galaxy, and the fleet has also carried out a reorganization. The following is the story for you by the minister. Simmons said respectfully. As soon as Rory arrived, they reported the latest situation of the two countries to Wang Tian, and because many aspects of the two countries were linked together, Simmons told them. …… On the military side, because the big families have been moving more and more in the past six months, the armies of the two places have been reorganized. The situation on the Xuanwu side is relatively simple. Excluding a group of Longlin base and about 40,000 warships deliberately allocated to three channels, a total of 400,000 warships are firmly in hand. Personnel,Wall Penstocks, from top to bottom, including every soldier, are all carefully selected, but most of them do not know the relationship between the two places and the relationship between the two places and Tianlong country, only the top officers know, and these people are drawn from Pangu or members of strict political examination, loyalty can be guaranteed; On Wylie's side, half a million warships were under full control, and the same selection method was adopted,Belt Filter Press, with one of our own as commander. A total of 900,000 troops, because of the need to use force deterrence at all times, did not carry out the transformation of its warships, fortunately, the number of more, can also complete the task of carrying. In terms of organization, Xuanwu has a group of 100,000, a total of four groups, forming four brigades, and Wylie has a group of 100,000, a total of five groups, forming five brigades. The name of the brigade is also private and has not been announced. At this point, Simmons paused for a moment and then said, lamella clarifer ,rotary vacuum disc filters, "The generals of the brigades didn't come yesterday. Within three days, nine major generals, more than 40 brigadier generals and more than 80 senior colonels from the two places, except those who really can't get away, will come here to pay their respects to Your Majesty." Wang Tian nodded to show that he knew. Xuanwu side of the establishment is only for a division, then certainly can only be combined into a brigade, a brigade of 100,000 troops, a division of 9 brigades, exaggerated enough. The rank of major general is conferred by a person assigned by Pangu, and the rank is conferred by himself. Below the brigade is the regiment, and the commander is a brigadier general and a senior colonel. In addition to the personnel of Pangu, some of the officers are selected from this department. It is really necessary to meet with them. Military affairs are state affairs, and carelessness is not allowed. Wang Tian began to play the idea of Tianyuan mind reading again, the simple mind of Tianyuan seems to have no effect on the sequelae of mind reading, of course, to use it. After the Minister of Baku left Xuanwu, the policy of the 21 families of pirates changed a little, and they began to occupy the small and medium-sized forces far away from them, many of which had been annexed by them. Although the names and size of these swallowed forces have not changed on the surface, they actually belong to the territory of those big families. The Pirate Alliance also sent a specific plan on how to do this. Of the 22 major Alliance members, except Zoe, who voted against it, and Xuanwu, who abstained because of Your Majesty's absence, 20 votes passed, so they divided 22 spheres of influence in the galaxy, demanding the fastest implementation of the essential occupation, while Xuanwu, because of the lack of superficial strength. It has not been involved, which has led to speculation. According to the intelligence investigation, the Oni family should be the least powerful, and may also have the idea of guarding against us. It only occupies two forces, and most of the other places have completed three to six embezzlements.. Listening to Simmons' explanation bit by bit, Wang Tian finally understood the meaning of the changes in the galaxy, and the families could not hold back after only six to seven years, probably because the domestic demand for minerals was too large. Forcing them to take over some forces that don't matter much. What they are interested in is nothing more than the production bases of various mineral deposits in these forces. No one will believe that they are interested in their reserve resources, and militarism is also a major feature of the pirate galaxy. If you want to make a big profit from others, unless there are 21 big families and 146 small families, the rest are poor and desperate. Are they so poor in mining? It seems unlikely, how to say is also the development of thousands of years of celebrity pirates, reserves of minerals must not be a few, and last time I did not want more ah. If this is not the case, then there is another possibility: to train soldiers to adapt to the characteristics of new warships, and at the same time to test the performance of warships in actual combat, find problems and improve them in time. As for the power on the surface, it is still the name of the former power, giving outsiders an impression that everything has not changed. This is easy to understand, let others think that these places of conflict is just a simple battle for the territory of five pirates, this is a very common situation that happens every day, there is nothing to pay attention to,fine bubble diffuser, the old routine, not new, perhaps the surrounding forces of the families have long been controlled by them in this way. khnwatertreatment.com