Jian Xiu's Way to Hit the Face [Quick Pass]

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This is easy to understand, let others think that these places of conflict is just a simple battle for the territory of five pirates, this is a very common situation that happens every day, there is nothing to pay attention to,fine bubble diffuser, the old routine, not new, perhaps the sur

At that time, the person who exposed the secret was the left protector of the Xuanming Sect. He intended to murder Guan Han. After attacking Guan Han and seriously injuring him, he accidentally learned that Guan Han had a son. The secret was not a good thing for him. Guan Han had a son. If he died suddenly, his son would most likely become the leader of the Xuanming Sect with the support of Guan Han's confidant. Wouldn't it be a waste of time for him to seriously injure Guan Han? This was absolutely something he could not tolerate, so he planned to kill Qi Guanhan's son. After finding out that Guan Han's son was the grandson of the Lin family in Yunzhou and had joined the Taixuan Taoist Sect, he tried to get rid of Guan Lin. But he was a disciple of the Taixuan Taoist Sect, and he didn't dare to sneak into the Taixuan Taoist Sect, so he could only find a way to draw him out. And in order to draw out Qi Guanlin, who was not easy to come out of the sect, the left protector of the Xuanming Sect directly killed the whole Lin family. At that time, except for one who was not at home and happened to go out, all the others in the Lin family were slaughtered. The blood of hundreds of people in the Lin family dyed the whole Lin family mansion red. Although he was sent to the Taixuan Taoist Sect when he was three years old, his grandfather was still alive. Every year he would go home to accompany his grandfather for a period of time. Suddenly, he learned that the Lin family had been destroyed. He was sad and angry, but before he could leave the sect and go down the mountain to find out the truth of the Lin family being hunted down, his confidant took the risk to find him and convey all the truth and his last words. Yes, Kui Guan Rin had never had time to meet his father in his life. After Kui Guan Han was seriously injured by a sneak attack, he was too seriously injured. In the end,Lamella Plate Settler, he failed to survive and died of serious injuries. And he temporarily ordered his confidant to find him, not to avenge himself, not to hope that he would join the Xuanming Sect to inherit his position, he just didn't want him to be assassinated by the left Dharma Protector. If Guan Rin didn't know anything and rashly left Taixuandao to investigate the destruction of the Lin family, he would probably be hunted down and killed. He was afraid that his only son would be killed, so he ordered his confidant to tell him the truth before he died. But knowing the whole truth, how can Qi Guanlin still regard it as not knowing this matter,wall penstocks, not to avenge the killing of the Lin family, not to avenge the death of his biological father who was seriously injured by a sneak attack? He finally took the initiative to return to the Xuanming Sect, and with the support of the confidants left by Qi Guanhan, he became the leader of the sect. After that, he stayed dormant for a long time, spent a lot of effort, spent a lot of time, saw many dark and bloody things that he had never seen before, and did many evil things that were contrary to the education he had received since childhood. After becoming completely different from before, he finally killed Zuo Dharma Protector and avenged the blood feud. And after killing the left Dharma Protector, he did not stop at this point, but went further and further on this road. At the beginning, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,rapid sand filters, he did not let go of any of the enemies who had added fuel to the flames in the destruction of Qi Guanhan and the Lin family. After he became the leader of the Xuanming Sect, he purged all the people who might be involved. The reason why the Xuanming Sect worships him now is that all the people who opposed him at the beginning were killed by him in the process of cleansing. In this way, Guan Rin grew up from a little Taoist priest of Taixuan Taoist School, who was cold and did not like to laugh, but was very loving, honest and clean, to a devil whose hands were covered with blood and who set off a bloody storm in the evil way. He was no longer what he looked like in those days. He had been pulled up by Iceberg Face Xuanji, just like Qi Guanlin, who was reflected in the same mold as him. It seemed that he had already passed in a dream and could never go back. Incidentally, as mentioned before, he had known Guan Rin for a long time. The current left protector of the Xuanming Sect was the only orphan of the Lin family. At that time, he went out to visit friends and just escaped the massacre. In order to revenge, he joined the Xuanming Sect. Over the years, he and Guan Rin helped each other. The two disciples of the Taixuan Taoist Sect talked about the past for a while, but they didn't dare to say anything more. They were afraid that Xuanjizi, who was smart, would hear it. After a moment of regret, they went back to the quiet room where they usually practiced and prepared to go back to meditation. If the real master is in a good mood, he will be more careful and serious in the morning and evening classes for several days in a row. Although the attitude of the disciples will not be as severe as before when they are found to have made mistakes, it will be terrible when the master is not angry and just keeps a straight face! Disciple a and disciple B said that they had blood on their faces. Obviously, they were in a good mood, but they still had a bad time. What kind of thing is this. In the temple where the head of the Taixuan Taoist Sect lived, Xuanjizi returned to his residence with an invitation from his younger martial brother. He ordered the boy to pack his luggage and prepare to go to Cangzhou. As for himself, he was also busy. Younger Martial Brother's favorite dried plums since childhood. Take them with you. When Younger Martial Brother was a teenager, he couldn't forget the Chongxu Sword he wanted. Take it with him. Younger Martial Brother, bring all the Taoist scriptures you haven't finished reading and the secret books of moves you haven't finished learning! Chapter 347 Holographic Online Games of Ancient Martial Arts 22. Today's Cangzhou city is also the same lively, as a very prosperous city of Cangzhou in the world, every day there are many foreign tourists in and out of Cangzhou city, the number of people waiting in line to enter the city gate every morning is very large, the number of people is very large, the city gate is full of people, very lively. Carrying a burden ready to enter the city to do business, driving a carriage thousands of miles away, all kinds of people with different origins anxiously waiting at the gate, slowly along the crowd, after passing through the gate of the city after the review of the soldiers. However, these are just ordinary people's ways to enter the city. On this piece of Kyushu, Jianghu is big, and the court is small. In order to prevent conflicts between Jianghu people and ordinary people, among the four gates of Cangzhou, the East Gate is specially opened for Jianghu people to enter and exit. Ordinary people will not go there,Mechanical fine screen, nor will they have conflicts with these Jianghu people. For ordinary people who are not skilled in martial arts and have no power to tie a chicken, it is safest for them to avoid those Jianghu people who do not know good or evil. Since there is no guarantee of what to do to avoid provoking those Jianghu people, then do not contact them. 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