Full-time Master Complete Perfect Intensive Edition

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Ye Xiu smiled,push back racking system, "it's something you want very much." "Something I really want?" Chen Guo was at a loss, and for a moment she did not know what she wanted very much, let alone how Ye Xiu could know.

At this time, Su Mucheng and Tang Rou came to the training room together. The girls are always intimate with each other. Wei Chen and Baozi didn't know about the preparation of Christmas gifts, but the girls knew about it when they were tired of being together. Just come in at this time to see, Ye Xiu, steamed buns that are already busy opening gifts, this. It seems to be different from Chen Guo's plan! "What is this?" Both of them were confused. Don't mention it, you two go to choose, too! Chen Guo is depressed. At this time, Ye Xiu's gift had been opened, and when he got what was inside, he laughed and said, "Haha, this can be done." "I'll trade with you." Wei Chen said quickly without hesitation for a second. How interesting Ye Xiu refused him with laughter. What he opened was a lighter. Xingxin smoked just for him and Wei Chen. Obviously, the gift was prepared for them. Ye Xiu smoked just right. What did Lao Wei draw? Su Mucheng and Tang Rou, who had just arrived, asked curiously. Wei Chen moved his body and showed the hip-hop monkey behind him to the two of them. Ha ha ha Both of them laughed decisively, this gift, and Wei Chen, is really a combination of not laughing! "What a picker!" Su Mu orange said, see Wei Chen get this,heavy duty metal racking, she knew this matter is out of Chen Guo's control, no wonder to see Chen Guo some depressed. However, the gift of this kind of thing, the important thing is this mind, Su Mu orange is not too concerned about the process and results, the important thing is this atmosphere is not it? "Will you take it with you wherever you go?" Su Mucheng asked Wei Chen with a smile. You go and pick out another lighter and I'll exchange it with you. Wei Chen said. Don't think about it. I won't exchange anything with you. Su Mucheng said, also went to the Christmas tree to take down one, opened it and looked,heavy duty rack manufacturers, "Oh, how did I get this?" "What is it?" Wei Chen came over with his hip-hop monkey pillow, ready to trade at any time. This It should be given to that one! Su Mu orange's hand, impressively is a recording pen, but at this time her eyes point to the place, Mo Fan is walking into the training room alone. Recording pen, Mo Fan who doesn't speak. This is really a very delicate combination. What a pity! It belongs to me. Su Mucheng put the gift away. Wei Chen doesn't seem to have much interest in this recording pen. What is Xiao Tang? He went to Tang Rou's side. When the package was opened, Tang Rou's gift was relatively popular, just a beautiful music box. Do you have anything more manly? Wei Chen shouted. Are you talking about me? Baozi turned around and put a glove on his right hand. The average person may not be able to see anything for a while, but these people present can see at a glance that this is the glove weapon of the Qigong master in the glory, and it is a glory peripheral. The intention of this gift is also very obvious, for the transformation of Qigong master Fang Rui, this gift is quite meaningful, but unfortunately now. "Baozi, heavy duty cantilever racks ,metal racking systems, did you wash your hands?" Chen Guo said with a calm face. Chapter 1242 signature album. Chen Guo originally planned Christmas Eve rhythm has been completely abandoned, and then to Fang Rui, Qiao Yifan, An Wenyi and others came after Chen Guo has taken the initiative to signal them to pick gifts. As a result, in the end, the chaotic gift collocation became a big laughing point, and all the people in the training room laughed and laughed happily, and the unhappiness in Chen Guo's original heart quickly dissipated. What is the purpose of giving gifts? Isn't it just for fun? What's wrong with making everyone so happy now? It seems that the random selection of this "surprise" is really quite interesting! The gifts prepared by Chen Guo are not only for the players of the team. Online games department, technical department, that is also an important part of Xingxin, Chen Guo has prepared everyone's share according to the number of people, but these departments are not working in the training room, but Chen Guo simply went to take the initiative to greet them. Wu Chen and others came over, took the gift, opened it and so on, which was inevitably a lot of fun. More disappointing that is Guan Rongfei, was forcibly dragged over to pick gifts, that is called a face of reluctance. Fengfenghuohuo rushed over, pulled one from the Christmas tree and disappeared from the training room within ten seconds. In the end, everyone finished picking and holding their suitable or inappropriate gifts, and everyone's eyes fell on Chen Guo and the last two gifts hanging on the Christmas tree. Eh? Chen Guo was a little surprised. Who hasn't come yet? She asked, the gift is good according to the number of people, she has not picked, according to the last words should be only one gift, but the impression, Xingxin members have come ah! Including Guan Rongfei, who only existed for ten seconds, Chen Guo also clearly saw that he was carrying something out. Wouldn't it be boring if there was no choice in the end? Ye Xiu said. Oh Chen Guo heard something, and then looked at the Christmas tree, two gifts, one looks familiar, no doubt, is one of her preparations, the other. "You put it on?" Chen Guo asked Ye Xiu. Now it's time for you to choose. Ye Xiu said. Chen Guo was stunned, she really did not expect that there would be such a small detail left to herself in the end. Choose, of course, the one you don't know, but. This will not be Ye Xiu that guy in order to make fun of how to improvise, right? For example, casually pack their own half pack of cigarettes or something, this kind of thing Chen Guo felt that Ye Xiu could easily do it. However Chen Guo, who stepped forward, looked at the gift, which was very strange to her. It was packed in the same meticulous way. It seemed that it was not arranged casually, but also carefully prepared, right? Chen Guo was a little touched. She did not hesitate any more and picked the gift specially prepared for her from the Christmas tree. What is it? Chen Guo was wrapped up in a mood of wanting to see but not daring to see. Take it apart and you'll see. Ye Xiu smiled,push back racking system, "it's something you want very much." "Something I really want?" Chen Guo was at a loss, and for a moment she did not know what she wanted very much, let alone how Ye Xiu could know. kingmoreracking.com