IGV Guide for Beginners - Lost Ark: 5 Ways To Make Gold

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The main source of Gold for all players in the game is raiding. Weekly raids, such as Abyssal Dungeons, Abyss Raids, and Legion Raids grant a fixed amount of Gold upon clearance

Lost Ark gold is mainly used as a currency that is traded between players, but it also feeds into some of the gear upgrading systems present in the game. It’s one of seven currencies that is currently shared between all characters on a player’s account and not tied to a specific Lost Ark server. It’s also a lot rarer than silver, the primary free in-game currency. This guide aims to introduce you to the basics of Lost Ark Gold making. Hopefully, it's going to help you learn how to fill up your pockets quickly and relatively easily.

Complete Raids Dungeons

This is a given, right? You're playing an action-focused MMORPG, of course you're gonna do your Raids Dungeons. It's basically the gaming version of your P's Q's. But still, it is worth a reminder here, since those really help you out a lot if you want to earn gold in Lost Ark. What you need to know is, that Guardian Raids give you a nice chunk of gold after completing them for the first time.

You should also complete dungeons regularly, especially the Chaos Dungeons that are unlocked with level 50 and gearscore 250. Here you will often find gold bars or items (more later on how to make them to gold), especially in secret rooms which are hidden in most dungeons. So keep an eye out for this!

Weekly Raids

The main source of Gold for all players in the game is raiding. Weekly raids, such as Abyssal Dungeons, Abyss Raids, and Legion Raids grant a fixed amount of Gold upon clearance. These entries are character based, and up to six characters can earn Gold through these raids. The higher your difficulty of the content, the higher the reward available. Legion Raids are split into Gates, which award you Gold per cleared Gate.

Once we have more than three Legion Raids available, you will have to decide which three you want to clear, as only the first three Legion Raids will award you with Gold.


There are many things that you gain from your Journey that are tradeable and can be worth a lot of gold. The easiest way to find out if something is valuable is to open the market and right-click things in your inventory to immediately see the current price. Good items will vary depending on your server but here are a few examples:

Foraging Materials. Quickly search through listings for each category and see which sells for the most on your server before you go farm for some easy money.

Honing Materials. Stones and Leapstones you gain from activities like the Chaos Dungeon will not be bound and can be sold on the market.

Engraving books. You’ll sometimes gain engraving books from events and depending on the type or class, these can sell for a lot of money.

Adventure Tome. When questing you’ll often get random drops that you can use for Adventure Tome experience. Instead of using them, check how much they are worth on the Market


Certain NPCs offer gold rewards for increasing their reputation level. Since daily songs and emotes take only a few minutes, being consistent on those can yield some solid rewards. For example, Shana gives 2700 gold for reaching reputation level Trusted. To find other NPCs that award gold, check Rapport Progression (Alt+N by default), and then details on every character. The best continent overall for making gold in Lost Ark via Rapport is Punika.

Sell your Items

You can sell crafted items on the auction houses in exchange for the gold.

Collect items acquired from herbalism, lumbering, and mining to sell them on auction houses.

You can convert them into potions and then sell them in Auction houses.

In addition to that, you can also obtain gold for selling accessories like jewelry and artifacts.

We've now come to the end of our Lost Ark gold farming guide. We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. Now you know what you need gold for in Lost Ark and how you can earn it quickly. But many players prefer to Buy Lost Ark Gold at https://www.igv.com/Lost-Ark-Gold