The DNA and gene cloning services market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 15%

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In order to avail benefits, such as technical competence, reduced cost, and fast delivery of high-quality DNA and gene customized clones, several players have demonstrated a preference to leverage expertise of DNA and gene cloning service providers.



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DNA and gene cloning have diverse applications, including modern biotechnological, medicinal, and several diagnostic ones as DNA and gene cloning has proven to be beneficial for research and development in the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Presently, a number of players having dedicated facilities, cutting-edge machinery, and production lines, are offering DNA and gene cloning services to the various stakeholders in this domain. In 1973, a group of scientists reported that individual genes can be cloned and isolated by cleaving DNA enzymatically into DNA fragments. Over time, gene and DNA cloning has proved to be an important tool for researchers in their studies focused on genetics.


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Key Market Insights


Around 80 companies claim to offer DNA and gene cloning services, globally

Majority (59%) of the stakeholders are headquartered in North America, followed by those based in Europe (22%), and Asia-Pacific (19%). Further, this segment of the industry is dominated by the presence of small players (11-50 employees), representing 35% of the total service providers.


Close to 32% players claim to act as one-stop-shops, offering services for gene synthesis, custom cloning, and sub-cloning

Close to 80% of the DNA and gene cloning service providers offer custom cloning, followed by companies offering gene synthesis (68%), sub-cloning (50%), and other services, such as RNA cloning and vector cloning (31%). It is worth mentioning that most of the service providers (61%) offer restriction enzyme-based cloning.



Over 1,350 patents related to DNA and gene cloning in biopharmaceutical industry have been filed / granted since 2017

Owing to the increase in research and development efforts by various industry and non-industry players engaged in this domain, close to 60% of patent applications have been filed post-2018. It is worth noting that 57% patents related to DNA and gene cloning have been filed by non-industry players.


Close to 6,900 articles related to DNA and gene cloning, have been published in reputed scientific journals since 2018

More than 45% of the articles focused on DNA and gene cloning were published post-2019. Popular journals that have published multiple articles include Methods in Molecular Biology, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, Developmental and Comparative Immunology, Protein Expression and Purification, and International Journal of Molecular Sciences.


Over 35 global events related to DNA and gene cloning have been organized since 2017

Majority of the events related to DNA and gene cloning were organized in Asia-Pacific (64%). It is worth highlighting that the agendas of the events organized post-2020 include discussions on the potential, advancements and challenges associated with DNA and gene cloning techniques.


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