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The focus of any child custody and visitation action should be on what is best for the children, not on which parent has more money or who is willing to make up stories or accusations to win at all costs.

Child custody cases can be a handful for any parent. Child custody is a legal process where the involved individuals, both the parents, fight to acquire custody of their child.

Custody is further comprised of two prongs, one being physical custody and another being legal custody. Let's have a little descriptive look at these two.

1. Physical Custody- This custody rule recites the child's living arrangements, visitation days and hours, and anything related to where the child will stay and with whom.

2. Legal Custody- This custody rule mainly decides which parent gets to decide on factors such as which school the child will go to, all the medical decisions, and such decisions.

Don't get overwhelmed with all this information. Child Custody Lawyer Aliso Viejo is here to help you, so you can focus on your child's well-being while we care for your case.

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