When buying ShockProof LED CORN LAMP

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Take ShockProof LED CORN LAMP as an example. Common ShockProof Led Corn Lamp: Multi -point light sources, integrated light sources, LED lights with the same power, multi -point light sources and integrated light sources in appearance, heat dissipation structure, light curve and actual optical effects It is different. There are also differences in the venues of applications. Designers can use different LED lamps according to different application places and design styles.

The color temperature must be consistent, and it must be stable, and the high temperature will not change color for a long time. The color temperature of the traditional halogen shoots is 2700K. Now there are some LED products on the market that it is easy to change color after a period of time, and the color temperature deviation is very powerful.

In the lighting design, lamps that meet the requirements not only meet the requirements of the use function and lighting quality, but also facilitate the installation and maintenance, and the low -term operating costs. The following aspects should be considered:

1) Optical characteristics, such as light and glare control;

2) Economic, such as lamp efficiency, initial investment and long -term operating costs, etc.;

3) Special environmental conditions, such as the environment with a danger of fire and the danger of explosion, there are environment where dust, humidity, vibration and chemical corrosion;

4) The shape of the lamp should be coordinated with the building;

5) Lighting efficiency High: η = φL/φO, depending on the shape and material of the reflector, the size of the outlet, the shaped or grille shape and material;

shockproof led corn lamp https://www.zliec.com/60W-Light-Distribution-Corn-Bulb.html