Emergency Pap Smear

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Cervical cancer can be safely screened for with a Pap smear. A Pap smear, sometimes called a Papanicolaou smear or the Pap test is used to screen for cervical cancer

A pap smear is essential for a pelvic or gynecological examination assessing cervical cancer. It is a test for detecting cervical cancer or cervix changes that could lead to cancer. Your doctor will sample cervix cells during the Pap Smear procedure. These cells are taken to the lab and examined under a microscope. To check for infections in your genital system, your doctor may also take discharge from your vagina or cervix during this portion of the speculum exam. Furthermore, if you live in North Hills and need an urgent emergency pap smear, North Hills Urgent Care Clinic is the best option. For additional information on the Clinic, click the link.