Defense Domestic Violence Lawyer Orange County

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In California, domestic violence is a very serious problem, with several statutes encompassing various acts that make it legal to use any form of violence against a family member, ex-spouse, fiance, or domestic partner. The acts that may comprise Domestic Violence are:

● Assault
● Battery
● Abuse
● Stalking
● Threatening

If you've been recently charged with domestic violence, it's best you should know that it may land you jail time. Don't leave your defense to mere facts; consult with a proven domestic violence attorney Orange County to guide you through and let you know your options.

What Penalties can you Face for a Domestic Violence Charge in Orange County?
One of the main factors in question for domestic violence charges is the seriousness of the injuries. The prosecutor and the court will take heed of this.

If charged under domestic violence, the act could be treated as a misdemeanor or felony. In addition, it's also highly likely that the victim of domestic violence could obtain an order of protection from the court. If you're found guilty, they could proceed with a civil lawsuit and recover any damages suffered by them.

There could be more issues at hand here. You may end up losing your job if your employer finds out about the allegations.

Jos Family Law Attorneys are Here for you.

Whether you're facing domestic abuse or are subject to false allegations, you must reach out to a domestic violence lawyer in Orange County to protect your rights and keep yourself and your family safe against any form of abuse.

Get in touch with the Jos Family law office today. We'll be happy to hear your case and provide you with a no-obligation consultation session, sadly down all the possible options to you.