Whether you are looking to find cybersecurity companies in Ohio or not, it is important to know that there are several different options out there. Depending on your needs, you might be able to find an option that is tailored to you. For example, there are companies that offer a specific type of service, such as an antivirus solution. There are also companies that offer cybersecurity consulting services.
Managecast Technologies

Founded in 2000, Managecast Technologies is a cybersecurity company in Ohio that specializes in data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity. They have a team of IT experts who are passionate about protecting critical business data. They offer a wide range of services to businesses of all sizes.

They provide cloud-based backup solutions for organizations of all sizes. They also offer cybersecurity services, including data breach response. They help their clients find the most cost-effective licensing model. They use the latest APIs and technologies to protect and monitor their backups.
KW Burris Consulting

KW Burris Consulting, cybersecurity companies in Ohio, are experts at protecting and monitoring your organization's network. They can also identify and respond to any potential threats. They can help your company keep up with the latest technologies.

KW Burris Consulting is a computer related consulting firm based in Dayton, Ohio. They provide a variety of services, including cloud computing, networking, and security. The company is also known for its dedication to staying up to date on the latest technologies.

KW Burris is a full service IT company that provides on site and cloud computing, as well as client device sales. The company also offers cybersecurity and Unix consulting services.
ARCIS Technology Group

Located in Massillon, Ohio, ARCIS Technology Group specializes in cyber security and managed IT services. The firm offers protection against malware, phishing emails and other online threats. In addition to its security solutions, the company offers computer and network support and consulting.

Although the firm has only 12 employees on LinkedIn, it does boast some impressive IT savvy. Jeff Rapp, a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, is a tech-savvy guru who has spent years delivering the best IT support and customer service to businesses in the area.
BlueBridge Networks

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, BlueBridge Networks provides total technology solutions. With a wide range of services, the company is dedicated to educating the midwest technology market. From cyber security to cloud computing, this provider specializes in protecting businesses from threats. It also helps customers comply with regulations.

The organization's cybersecurity solutions include managed detection and response (MDR), cybersecurity consulting, and SSL certificate authorities. They specialize in protecting critical business data and processes. They also have a variety of software solutions, including applications and training.

The company has an excellent up-time record and maintains the highest standards in the industry. Its employees are always available. They also have a number of solutions focused on protecting data, including real-time device discovery, monitoring for firewalls, and management services for edge routers.
Certitude Security

Several cybersecurity companies in Ohio are doing their part to keep businesses safe from cybercriminals. One of them is Certitude Security, which protects manufacturers from the evil hackers that may steal, ruin, or simply cause financial harm to your operations. Its products and services include cybersecurity and cloud security, unified communication solutions, and network monitoring and management.

Another company on the rise is Anchor, a cybersecurity company based in Columbus, Ohio. This oh-so-named startup has garnered nearly $50 million in funding to date. Its impressive product line includes adaptive access, remote access, single sign-on, and two-factor authentication. Its employees include over 900 people.
Stealth Entry Cyber Security Solutions

Founded in 2009, Stealth Entry Cyber Security Solutions provides a wide variety of cybersecurity services. The company's team works with clients to develop practical, data-driven solutions to meet their network security needs. Among its services are penetration testing, secure cloud services, and vulnerability assessments.

Stealth Entry Cyber Security Solutions has served many corporate customers and government entities. The firm has managed numerous federal contracts, and its executives have combined experience of over 30 years. The company's founder, Israel Arroyo, is a retired United States Marine Corps veteran with 22 years of experience in computer network operations.
Entegrity Consulting Group

Founded on core values of integrity, communication and compassion, Entegrity Consulting Group, LLC delivers results-driven solutions for customers. Based in Dayton, Ohio, the firm is a certified service-disabled veteran-owned business.

The company has a strong team of IT professionals with extensive experience in the industry. They provide a wide range of information technology services and support, including security, cloud computing, application development, network and server management, business continuity, virtualization and data backup.

The company also provides managed IT services. Its clients include a number of Fortune 500 companies. The firm's revenue has doubled in the last year, to more than $1 million. Its staff has grown to about 15 employees.