A Guide To Mosquitos

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Mosquitos are insects which survive by drinking mammalian blood. The general breeding ground for these tiny flying pests is swampy areas, and dirt infested zones

Any place in a filthy situation attracts mosquitos. In fact, they are increasingly becoming urban pests, mainly in zones that have been reclaimed and developed into a concrete jungle. Nature is their natural habitat and so when you are out for a camp of picnic or then nature trail they are part of the visiting committee.

There are a couple of Commercial mosquito control in East Meadow. The anopheles species of mosquitos carry the malaria parasites. The species belonging to the aedes genus carry dengue fever causing parasites. These two species are found almost all over the world. However a rare species hails from the southern States of America and in certain tropical zones of the world, which causes elephantiasis and human encephalitis. These mosquitos belong to the genus culex.

Nothing can be done to make any zone completely mosquito-free, as these flying insects breed in thousands and thousands, each year. While they have short lives, they give birth to many more in their life span. However, one must take all precautions to protect their surroundings from these pests.

Apart from the numerous repellents, there are various plants that keep away mosquitos, as well as pesticides. But the most important thing to do is keep the surroundings absolutely clean. There are also the mosquito nets that trap them, preventing them from entering the home, and other spaces covered by them.