Adjustable Focus Lens 650nm Red Laser Diode Module

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650nm red laser diode module makes easy reaching and highly clear red dot indication for all raw material processing works effectively.

What is an easy job to make clear and accurate dot measurement? A lot of users are still keeping in mind of the use of a simple red laser pointer or other manual dot projecting tool etc. However, after constant technical innovation of 650nm red laser diode tech and qualified glass coated lens, it is configured into a quite practically used device of 650nm red laser diode module. Under operation of its correct use of output power and easy mounting onto any industrial device or equipment, it is working well with easy reaching and highly clear red dot indication for all raw material processing works effectively.
This 650nm red laser diode module is applying for those of industrial precise dot measuring work fields. It is applying an import 650nm red laser diode within 5mW to 100mW as beam emitting source. It should be working for quite long time, thus it is cooperating with a metal heat sink cooling system. It is getting even better thermal emitting than formal air or water cooling system. In addition, only after its proper use of different size tube diameter of 16mm and 26mm, configured with durable anodized aluminum alloy housing tube material, this red dot laser alignment is bearing wide range operating temperature, and any other harsh working occasion, including mechanical moving or shocking etc.
Being made with an external AC/DC adapter, without spending extra time on alkaline battery power source, this 650nm red laser diode module is always keeping work with continuous red laser beam emission at several miles far away. It is applying for various raw material processing works. Besides its operation for close distance red dot projection, those of high power red dot laser alignment up to 50mW to 100mW also makes sure of quite satisfied dot indication within the maximum work distance of 25 meters and formal lighting occasion etc. It is providing users quite satisfied dot measurement for laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, drilling system, red laser sight, laser medical therapy device, and high tech work etc.
Available with a laser alignment mounting bracket and special use of extending electric wires, not limited by long distance or high height, this 650nm red laser diode module always makes sure of the most convenient installation and the easiest reaching of red dot projection onto any raw material surface. It should be working with correct output power and freely adjusted laser beam focus. When it makes efficient conversion of ultra compact size and bright red reference dot, this industrial alignment laser just brings users no mistake measurement within great distance of 25 meters. Users should only wear correct laser safety goggles and avoid eye exposure to beam aperture, it assures easy and no danger use perfectly.