Old School Runescape Attack Guide And Tips

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An attack skill can be among the three melee abilities that provide combat abilities that allow you to engage in combat with melee. In general, combat abilities have the highest priority to train first. It's because you'll require them for the initial quests, and also to battle

The practice of your Attack can increase your precision that means the higher levels you can achieve the greater chance you'll hit. You will also have the ability to use higher-quality weapons that generally will give you greater accuracy as well as damage. To begin to gain EXP in Attack it is recommended to set your attack type to the Accurate style.


One of the most common misconceptions that new players face in newbies to OSRS world is the use in"attack." Attack skill. It's straightforward initially - there's an obvious sword in the graphic of the skill, therefore it must increase my damage when using swords or melee weapons, do you think? The answer isyes, sort of. We're here to assist you by providing our OSRS Attack Guide. We'll also give you with the most efficient F20 and Members-only strategies for enhancing your attacking skills.


First off, let's clarify what is the Attack skill does. Many players know that in order to make use of specific weapons, a minimum level of attack must be achieved. For instance the black or steel weapon are available at level 10, while mithril may be used at level 20, and it goes on. Higher level weapons are one important factor in determining how much of damage you deal with in combat by increasing your max hit damage and the average damage you suffer. However, the Attack skill does not boost your maximum hit damage , rather, it improves the accuracy of your attack, which could increase your average damage. What exactly is this skill?


If you've been fighting with enemies and have hit your opponent before . It's usually resulted in a blue "splash" with no damage. This happens when your opponent's Defense ability blocks the attack, causing the attack to "miss." It is your attack accuracy is what can increase your chance of doing damage instead of "splashing" like this. The higher your attack skill is, the higher your attack accuracy will be and the greater damage you'll sustain averagely when fighting adversaries as you're more likely to cause damage instead of splashing a 0 for each hit. After we've figured out the importance of Attack and its purpose, let's look at the guide to skills.


Getting Started

Always ensure that you are using the accurate attack style, since this is what improves your experience when you attack. You can level attack with any melee weapon you'd like However, there are established best methods for gear sets and power leveling:


Use the best scimitar that you can. Scimitars cause more damage than normal swords, are more powerful, and provide a better attack boost than daggers.

You can wear the Amulet of Power

Bring enough food!

From 1 to 20 levels

The killing of Cows (or Goblins in Lumbridge is the most popular training method for low-levels. They both have a low defense, and they are accessible via your home Teleport meaning that anyone can walk there. However, if these areas are crowded or you're looking to take the short distance to get better training you can try killing the Monks to the west of Edgeville. Monks are able to heal themselves and are less prone to injury than Goblins or Cows as well. You are able to train them until level 20. This is in contrast to Cows and Goblins with which you'll see declining returns after the level 10. If you're stuck in Lumbridge to train, go towards the south and slaughter Giant rats until you've reached level 20.


From 20 to 40

We suggest two options for the training levels between 20 and 30. If you're still around Lumbridge or want to go to the other direction, take out Giant Frogs inside the swamp where you find the Giant rats. They aren't very damaging and are easy to hit. But, you'll likely need to take a run to take them down since they're pretty spread out, and you may also consider doing some world trying to find a less well-populated area with no competition. Your second alternative is Barbarians in Barbarian village to the west of Varrock. While there you could want to complete your Stronghold of Security if you aren't already doing so, in order to gain 10,000 points of GP as well as Combat Boots. Barbarians are multi-combat opponents that means you can take on the same opponent as other players, which is preferred by certain players. There's also access to the Bank in Varrock as well as the power fishers to the to the east of the village which is where you can expect to get some free food should you're in need.


Levels 40-60

The preferred method is Hill Giants, found in the Edgeville Dungeon. They are a popular choice for numerous players due to their lower defense level and the high amount of loot drop, but they also have formidable opponents and will attack any player less than Combat level 57 - which can be good for afk , but can be an issue if you're continually running empty of foods. If your defense and strength aren't as good as they should be chances are you'll have better luck with Zombies and Flesh Crawlers at second level of Stronghold of Security that are both an excellent option for training in afk and requires less food for lower-level players.


Level 60+

You'll have a range of options from the time you reach level 60 until the time you practice, based upon your play style, goals, and skill levels. If you're looking for fantastic loot and also have the Defense skill to boot Look for Ogress Warriors in the Corsair Cove Dungeon south of Yanille. They drop a wide range of fantastic gear, including Mithril med and full-helms toadflax, Ranarr and Toadflax seeds, and all sorts of gems in addition to massive bones. You can either trade into a second account through an alternative game client, or even bank them on your own (though this can be a bit more time-consuming) or utilize high alchemy for training at the expense of small reductions to your GP in a single hour. Whatever you decide to do with the items, this is one of the most lucrative ways to improve your combat abilities.


If GP isn't a problem for you, you'd like to train with as little effort as possible. If you have a Prayer level of at minimum 43, you'll likely prefer Greater demon training at the Demonic Ruins of the Wilderness. In monk's robes, wear an amulet of strength or power and a rune scimitar, then , stand in front of an undead spawn and let him strike you. Be aware of PKers and ensure that you're paying attention at a minimum to leave the area and return when the Demon does not attack you.



If you'd like to maximize your hour of service, the giant webs that make up the Stronghold of Security are for you. You'll need a significant defense to make this worthwhile, or a combination of potions and prayer, however, you'll not find more efficient exp per hour than this one.