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Dual Head Stethoscope manufacturers JD-3006D stainless steel pediatric child stethoscope can be called the child version of JD-3006 stainless steel stethoscope.It is a stethoscope for pediatric with high accuracy in diagnosis.

Product introduction:
Except for smaller diameter chest piece, most parts of JD-3006D child stethoscope is the same as JD-3006 adult stethoscope. With stainless steel chest piece and binural, JD-3006D stethoscope for pediatric, like JD-3006 , also has excellent performance in diagnosis. It is a good choice for pediatricians.

Parameters and packing details of JD-3006D stainless steel pediatric child stethoscope
*stainless steel chest piece and binaural
*Chest piece with non-chill ring
*with inner spring and double tube
*Black tube (or other color tube)
*Soft rubber ear tips
*Gift box with sponge inside for protection of stethoscope
*Or normal paper box without sponge inside
*Packing:1pc/box, 50 box/carton
*Carton size: 84*34*47cm
*Alternatives: aluminum alloy chest piece with normal paper box without sponge inside

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FAQ about JD-3006D stethoscope
Question 1o you have chest piece rubber ring and ear tips in gray color?
Question 2:Is there a cheaper package choice?
Reply:The cheaper paper box is normal paper box without the sponge inside.
Question 3:Is there aluminum alloy stethoscope with same design?
Reply:Yes. There is aluminum alloy material stethoscope with same design of JD-3007.Dual Head Stethoscope manufacturers