40dBm dual band repeater realizes the transmission constant of the permeability signal

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40dBm dual band repeater Devices that make up 40dBm dual band repeater are ferrites, PIN tubes, FeTs, or BJTS. Ferrite and PIN are classic switching devices. The performance of the two devices is compared. Ferrite is characterized by high power and low loss, while PIN is characterized by high speed and low cost. Fets or BJTS have gain and have become the main devices of low and medium power switches. The 40dBm dual band repeater for various devices has its place.

Performance comparison of 40dBm dual band repeater devices

40dBm dual band repeater has a wide range of applications in RF/microwave systems, such as time multiplexers, time division channel selection, pulse modulation, transceiver switches, beam adjustment, etc. The index of the switch is relatively simple. The on-off loss is as small as possible, and the turn-off loss is as large as possible. The frequency band and power meet the system requirements.

The principle of ferrite switching is to change the direction of the bias magnetic field, realize the change of the permeability, change the transmission constant of the signal, in order to achieve the purpose of switching.

PIN tube has switching effect on microwave signal under the action of positive and negative low frequency signal. The attenuation of microwave signal is small in forward bias (0.5dB) and large in reverse bias (25dB).

The principle of BJT and FET switches is the same as that of low-frequency triode switches, where the control signal of the base (grid) determines the on-off of the collector (drain) and emitter (source). Amplifier has gain, high reverse isolation, especially suitable for MMIC switching.

MEMS micromechanical circuit is a new device developed in recent years. It can also be used as switching device.

40dBm dual band repeater https://www.cenrf.com/900-1800-Dual-Band-Digital-Repeater-40dBm.html