What is brandy distiller?

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brandy distiller https://www.hzzjde.com/Brandy_Charande_Stills/

brandy distiller, is and brush bottle, flushing control, filling, lamp inspection, plug, heat shrinkage, drying, labeling as one of the multifunctional production line, production process is simple, high filling accuracy, can realize stepless speed regulation, easy to control the production beat, is the ideal choice of small and medium-sized enterprises.

brandy distiller has the following characteristics:

1, accurate filling liquid level: filling liquid level error ±2 mm, better than the industry standard;

2, fast filling speed and high efficiency: using advanced frequency control, the maximum filling volume per valve can reach 300 bottles/hour;

3, bottle height adjustment range is large: bottle height 100-380 mm range of small wine filling machine, easy to adjust, can be adjusted at any time, bottle height and height error automatically adapt;

4, do not limit the bottle type: special-shaped bottles can be machine filling, manual up and down bottle can be solved;

5, no liquid damage, no dripping: tight seal, broken bottle, bottle leakage, no bottle automatically no filling, no spilling liquid;

6, automatic protection: in and out of the bottle wheel is equipped with overload clutch protection device, abnormal situation automatic stop alarm;

7, meet the health standards: all kinds of seals are made of PTFE and silicone rubber imported (joint venture) components, meet the requirements of food hygiene filling, and can be used for hot filling;

8, soft start: The use of advanced frequency control device, the whole machine start without impact, running from low speed to high speed, will not break the bottle injury machine.

brandy distiller https://www.hzzjde.com/Brandy_Charande_Stills/