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Personal Injury lawyers take cases come in all shapes and sizes. There are car accidents, slip and falls, dog bites and other animal attacks, medical malpractice and more. Even within those practice areas, there are different types requiring a personal injury attorney to manage the case.

Niral Patel's personal injury law firm has been serving Santa Ana and Orange County areas for decades. We seek justice and entitlements for the victims of personal injuries. Our Santa Ana personal injury attorneys pride themselves on being the top law firm in O.C., providing excellent customer service. Unlike any other law firm, we understand our customers with 24/7 access to our guidance and assistance.

We know that obtaining just compensation for victims of an injury can be confusing and complicated. That's why we urge our clients to focus on their recovery while we work on gaining the maximum compensation possible for them.

Why Choose Us?

You should choose a law firm with experience and proven ability in the courtroom.

●    Proven Expertise

We have successfully recovered millions as compensation for our clients.

●    Compassionate Attorneys

We're understanding and compassionate. Get in touch with us anytime to discuss your case.

●    Highly Experienced

We have recovered from fighting for the rights of personal injury victims in Southern CA.

●    Expert Litigation

Mr. Niral Patel has won cases all the way up to the California Supreme Court.

●    Round-the-clock Availability

We have attorneys and paralegals available throughout the day to assist you.

 Don't Leave Your Case to Chance!

Don't leave your case to chance. A seasoned personal injury lawyer like Niral Patel maximizes your chances of adequate compensation.

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