The Role of Temperature and Humidity Monitoring in Various Industries

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With the development of electronic technology, the recent measurement technology has also developed by leaps and bounds. Temperature and humidity have become one of the common concerns.

The method of regulating indoor temperature and humidity varies depending on the climate of the four seasons, for example:


  • In summer, windows and doors can be opened to ventilate and cool and dehumidify the air, and can be used in conjunction with electric fans or air-conditioning equipment.
  • In cold winters, heaters can be used to raise the room temperature. To avoid drying out the air, sprinkle water to raise the humidity appropriately.
  • You can also put a kettle on the heater to allow water vapour to evaporate to increase humidity.


Do a good job of temperature and humidity prevention, for example, in some breeding plants, livestock growth, and temperature and humidity are closely related to the appropriate environment, temperature and humidity, in order to grow faster, we can get greater benefits. In addition, there are some warehouses, also need to know in real time the specific changes in temperature and humidity, what kind of items in what kind of environment is more appropriate and so on.


However, the industries are paying more and more attention to the temperature and humidity environment management of product production, goods equipment and warehouse storage, temperature and humidity sensor has been very widely used in production life. So what industries need temperature and humidity monitoring system?


Data Processing Centre Server Rooms, Need for Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

In order to ensure the normal operation of the server room, the data processing centre server room must be maintained in a constant temperature range, sudden changes in temperature may bring unnecessary stress to the cooling system and sensitive equipment in the data processing centre server room, especially at higher temperatures or in the hot summer, if not dealt with in a timely manner, may bring disaster to the data processing centre server room, resulting in incalculable losses.


Temperature and Humidity Monitoring for the "Pharmaceutical Industry"

The increase of drug safety issues and pharmaceutical accidents has attracted the attention of the relevant authorities and has begun to increase regulatory efforts. Therefore, pharmaceutical storage must be controlled according to the appropriate temperature and humidity to ensure the safety and reliability of medical devices and drugs. According to the latest GMP certification, for general pharmaceuticals the temperature storage range is 0-30℃.


Temperature and Humidity Monitoring, Escort "Archives Management"

Paper products for the temperature and humidity is extremely sensitive, improper preservation will seriously reduce the archives preservation life use. Temperature and humidity monitoring system can archive temperature, humidity real-time monitoring, when the monitoring point of temperature and humidity exceeds the standard value, the system issued by the alarm information, timely and effective measures to eliminate the archive data due to temperature and humidity environment damage hidden trouble.


Temperature and Humidity Monitoring is Essential in Food Industry

Temperature and humidity are crucial for food storage, and adverse changes in temperature and humidity can bring about changes in food quality and cause food safety problems. Temperature and humidity monitoring can facilitate timely monitoring and control of the food system.


Animal Breeding, More Need for Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

All kinds of animals in different temperatures will show different growth state, temperature and humidity is too high or too low will be detrimental to the health of animals, leading to disease or even death. The use of temperature and humidity detection system to monitor the farm environment in real time, when the temperature and humidity in excess of the limit, the system will automatically alarm, and linkage dehumidification and humidification equipment, air conditioning equipment to automatically adjust the temperature and humidity, to create the appropriate temperature and humidity environment to ensure that the farm's high-quality and high-yield goals. More, temperature and humidity sensor has been widely used in countless fields, in addition to the above industries, but also be used in national defence and military, aerospace, environmental protection and other industries.


The temperature and humidity monitoring system displays and records the indoor temperature and humidity values detected by each temperature and humidity sensor in real time. The upper and lower alarm limits for temperature and humidity of each temperature and humidity sensor can be set. When the data detected by any one of the temperature and humidity sensors exceeds the set upper or lower limit, the monitoring system will issue an alarm.