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Distribution Transformer factory Professional 33 KV Distribution Transformer Manufacturer The 35kV series on load voltage regulating power transformer adopts CAD technology, with advanced design, reasonable structure, and excellent material selection, All indicators comply with GB/T1094 (Power Transformers), GB/T6451 "Technical Parameters and Requirements for Three-phase Oil Immersed Power Transformers", and GB20050-2020 "Energy Efficiency Limits and Grades for Power Transformers" Standard, currently at the leading level in China. It can be widely used in urban and rural industrial and agricultural power grids, and is of great significance for energy conservation and environmental protection. The stacking method of the iron core sheets of this product is in a phased manner, which changes the traditional iron core stacking process and improves the magnetic circuit distribution inside the iron core. As a result, the no-load loss, no-load current, and noise are reduced by 20% and 10% respectively compared to the traditional stacking method for transformers with iron cores. Compared with the 11kV class, the 35kV distribution transformer has some advantages: Higher voltage level The voltage level of 35kV distribution transformer is higher than that of 11kV distribution transformer, which can withstand higher voltages and loads, making them more flexible and efficient in power transmission and distribution. Larger capacity 35kV level oil immersed transformers generally have larger capacity than 11kV level oil immersed transformers, which can adapt to larger load demands while reducing the number of transformers and floor space. Better safety 35kV oil immersed transformers have higher safety in terms of voltage level and capacity, providing better protection and control, reducing the risk of fire and other safety issues. Ryan 35 KV Distribution Transformer Technical Data S13 type 35kV three-phase dual winding non excitation voltage regulating power transformer S20 type 35kV three-phase dual winding non excitation voltage regulating power transformer S22 type 35kV three-phase dual winding non excitation voltage regulating power transformer If the above 33KV distribution transformer technical data cannot meet your needs, please send your requirements to the email address: ericwu@redq.cc Distribution Transformer factory website:http://www.ryan-transformers.com/distribution-transformer/