Are Meal Replacement Shakes Healthy?

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Meal replacement shakes are a sizzling topic these days. If you are trying to lose weight or are always on the go, meal replacement shakes are best suited for you.

In this article you will get to know what’s a meal replacement shake, how it works and is it a healthier option. So, let’s dive-in, wasting no time.

What is a meal replacement shake?

The meal replacement shakes are intended to replace your breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you have struggled to lose weight, meal replacement shakes are worth trying. You don’t have to keep watch on calories with meal replacement shakes as they have a pre-measured quantity of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals.

The meal replacement shakes have fewer calories than your usual meal. They are filled with nutrients and fiber, but are low in calories. Experts recommend that your diet should contain vegetables, fruits, whole grains, protein in the form of meat, eggs, beans or seafood, dairy products, and oils and fats.

Meal replacement shakes don’t have vegetables and fruits, but have all the vital nutrients that you obtain in these foods.

How does meal replacement work?

The meal replacement shakes give you a controlled amount of calories in liquid form that stimulates energy and provide nutrients that you need till your dinner time.

International Journal of Obesity observed that the subjects that were prescribed partial meal replacement showed significant weight loss in the 40-day trial than those who were on a standard low-calorie diet.

The protein helps in weight management without losing the muscle mass in the body. The fibre makes you feel full and reduces the craving for snacking in between your usual meals.

Are meal replacements shakes healthy?

There are several things to be taken into consideration if you want to start using meal replacement shakes. The most important one being why you want to take it.

If you have tried losing weight and your weight loss program hasn’t been much rewarding then meal replacement shakes are probably recommended.

Second reason may be that you are planning for a surgery and want to lose weight quite rapidly then meal replacement shakes may help you in that. Meal replacement is also a healthier option as a post-surgical diet.

The meal replacement shakes give you a controlled amount of calories without compromising on vital nutrients, fiber, carb, vitamins and minerals. The studies reveal that just a 5% to 10% weight loss affects your health positively, so you don’t have to lose tons of weight to enjoy physical benefits of weight loss, just a few pounds will do wonders.

The meal replacement shakes bring down fat accumulation, check unhealthy cravings, boost metabolism, stimulate muscle growth, and assure a leaner and healthier body.

Low-calorie content in the meal replacement shakes reduces the calorie intake per meal, building a calorie gap in the body, which activates the weight loss process.


A meal replacement shake is a wholesome diet to replace one or two meals of your daily diet. It is best suited to achieve weight management goals and possibly for a person who has a hectic schedule and has no time to spare on preparing nutritional food.

Every product has a flip side in terms of demerits too, it is important to choose the product that’s right for you after counting your own individual goal.