What questions to ask before hiring a tax accountant in Melbourne

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Before hiring a tax accountant in Melbourne, inquire about experience, fees, services offered, credentials, references, and their approach to tax planning.

Tax preparation is not typically someone's notion of fun. Hiring a tax accountant in Melbourne is a wise decision if your financial position is complex, even though tax software and internet filing exist to make DIY tax preparation easier. But still, it is not an easy task. Before hiring one, make the appropriate inquiries to avoid future costs, headaches, and wasted time.

When assessing potential candidates for a tax accounting position in Melbourne, it's crucial to ask the following questions:

Who does the accountant typically work with?

As an individual taxpayer or independent contractor, you probably won't be the best fit for a tax accountant who mostly works with large organisations. Look for a tax accountant in Melbourne who works with individuals in comparable circumstances to your own. Do they know a lot about taxes for small businesses? Properties for rent? It's vital to confirm that their level of experience meets your requirements.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Most likely, you don't want someone who recently graduated from accounting school to file your intricate returns. Seek out a tax accountant in Melbourne who has years of practical expertise in filing taxes and advising clients on how to reduce their tax obligations. It is also simpler to assess attributes like their correctness, responsiveness, dependability, and audit success rate when they have a longer track record.

What Certifications Do You Have?

Not every accountant is qualified to the same extent. The three most important distinctions to search for in Australia are accounting experience certificates. These certificates serve as evidence of an accountant's commitment to staying up to date since they call for rigorous testing and ongoing study.

What is the response time to queries?

You need to be certain that your accountant won't abandon you, especially during tax season or when you have an urgent financial question. Find out how fast someone tries to answer phone calls and emails all year long. A delay of less than 24 hours is ideal, one to two business days is more typical, and more than that can be cause for concern.

How long does it take to complete work?

Turnaround periods for tax preparation might range greatly from two weeks to two months. Be clear about what you expect from the beginning to avoid any surprises later. Ask them if they can accommodate your preference to have your taxes filed by a certain date. Ensure you obtain a written confirmation of it. Please specify if there are any rush fees associated with the expedited services.

Are you familiar with the latest technology and software?

Tax accountants remain up to date with the latest fintech instruments and applications, which enhance the precision and productivity of your tasks. Better insights and possible savings are the results of this. Check to see whether tax accountants use any new programs that can improve your collaboration.


Asking these crucial questions before transferring accountability for your crucial financial records and choices will help you protect yourself. Contact Flinders Partners Group for more information.