About Chumsay - Say what you want to say
Discover Chumsay, the innovative social networking platform to search, engage, post, and share with friends and family globally. Share blogs, photos, videos, and enjoy features like messaging, live streaming, and real-time updates. Join Chumsay today for a truly enriching social experience. The Philippines Social Media

Chumsay is a Social Networking Platform, Chum means friends and followed with Say "Know what your friends say"


Share and Connect with friends, family, and other people around the world. Post and share your stories, photos, and videos inside and outside our platform, send messages, live streaming, and get updates.

How to contact us?

You can contact us at any time, by filling up the form contact us, from our website or you can email us : info@chumsay.com

To report abuses email us: abuse@chumsay.com

For legal matters email: legal@chumsay.com